Meet Karen Johnson L.Ac, RN

The first time I met an acupuncturist, I was in nursing school attending a conference on New Age mind/body medicine.

Knowing nothing about acupuncture at the time, I was drawn to a display table promoting a practitioner from England. For some reason I felt inspired to attend his workshop. Once there, I was so impressed with his theories and treatments that I wound up assisting him for the next three years while I finished school and he came over from England to run clinics. Although I vowed I would someday learn this amazing art, the process took awhile.

I stayed in nursing for over twelve years and ultimately came to acupuncture with a solid foundation in modern medicine, having worked in OB/GYN, oncology, cardiac care, a transplant unit, a dermatology unit, critical care, home care, hospice, psychiatry, and a stint in a gym doing wellness care. This background continues to serve me well in understanding the strengths of both eastern and western systems and working to harness those strengths to benefit my patients.

Education & Experience

Undergraduate Degree, BSN from Georgetown University, Registered Nurse.

Masters of Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, recently re-named the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

  • Member, Maryland Acupuncture Society.
  • In practice since 1996
  • Licensed to practice acupuncture in Maryland.

An amazing experience unfolds on the treatment table. I know how much I appreciate the time with my patients, so I decided to ask a sampling of patients: "In one sentence, what do YOU like about acupuncture?" Here are their unedited answers.

Have you ever been told that you’d need to take medicine the rest of your life for a health problem? What a depressing day that was when those words were told to me by a physician at a nationally known hospital, after I had been seen by many physicians to figure out the nature of my digestive problems. So, for years I followed their advice and took my medicine, which often made my digestive system feel worse! But it was my “only alternative” they said…………and I believed I would be on medication the rest of my life…… UNTIL I met Karen Johnson and began to regularly see her for acupuncture treatment. I still tell my family and friends that a “miracle” was performed by her! She assessed my digestive problem and began working regularly on it with acupuncture. She also recommended some basic lifestyle, eating, nutrition changes that I implemented simultaneously. And within months I was able to stop taking the medicine my physicians told me I would need for LIFE! Over a year later I continue to have a healthy digestive system…it’s a miracle! I didn’t believe my body would ever be fully restored from the damage I caused it earlier in life…Karen’s amazing acupuncture work has made me a believer in the healing power of needles!!! Try it! Thank you Karen!

Awards & Recognition

Top 10 acupuncture clinics in Columbia

Congratulations to Karen Leigh Johnson’s Practice for winning the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Columbia Acupuncture

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