I have been seeing Karen on and off for seven years now. She’s treated me with acupuncture for everything from weaning off of medications even the best tapering program couldn’t help, to morning sickness and fatigue while pregnant, to most recently severe back pain from a slipped disc. I was so impressed with her care and the improvement I saw in all symptoms that we have now made it a family affair. When my son began to suffer from chronic sinusitis at age 2, I entrusted his care to her for alleviation of his symptoms and currently my husband sees her for some shoulder and back pain.

Her background as an RN really helps with the understanding on how western and eastern medicine can work united in helping just about any medical issue one experiences. I cannot speak highly enough of her the services she provides and recommend her to anyone, any chance I get. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed in entrusting your care to her both in the short term and for years to come.


While acupuncture has provided me with relief from stress, headaches, anxiety, back pain, and general malaise, the best result I have had is the relief from hot flashes when going through menopause. You can quote me on that!!


Have you ever been told that you’d need to take medicine the rest of your life for a health problem? What a depressing day that was when those words were told to me by a physician at a nationally known hospital, after I had been seen by many physicians to figure out the nature of my digestive problems. So, for years I followed their advice and took my medicine, which often made my digestive system feel worse! But it was my “only alternative” they said…………and I believed I would be on medication the rest of my life……

UNTIL I met Karen Johnson and began to regularly see her for acupuncture treatment. I still tell my family and friends that a “miracle” was performed by her! She assessed my digestive problem and began working regularly on it with acupuncture. She also recommended some basic lifestyle, eating, nutrition changes that I implemented simultaneously. And within months I was able to stop taking the medicine my physicians told me I would need for LIFE! Over a year later I continue to have a healthy digestive system…it’s a miracle!

I didn’t believe my body would ever be fully restored from the damage I caused it earlier in life…Karen’s amazing acupuncture work has made me a believer in the healing power of needles!!! Try it!

Thank you Karen!


People often ask me why I “do acupuncture”? Or does it really work? The answer to the first question is more difficult to answer, or better yet more difficult to understand. I started acupuncture almost 10 years ago. I first started because of a knee injury. My treatment then progressed to my allergies and now is really a staple for my well being. Since I started with Karen, I have gone thru many life changes. I have changed jobs 3 times, dealt with family illness and death and dealt with personal challenges both medical and emotional in my life. My career requires me to be quick on my feet and keep a very high level of energy. I truly believe that acupuncture gives me the inner strength to keep all the balls in my life in the air and continue to be successful. I have been going to Karen for so long, she knows when my life is crazy before I even tell her. My treatments are more of a “tune-up” for my inner peace and well being than anything else. We still treat any physical ailements when they come up, but we focus more on my inner peace. Does acupuncture really work? I say yes! I always am taken back when people ask me “how I keep it all together” or ” Why do you have so much energy?”. The only answer that I have is acupuncture. Maybe, it’s the fact that someone is taking care of me for an hour instead of me taking care of everyone else, but I really believe that the inner strength that I receive from acupuncture is what make the difference.


Several years ago, I was going through a period of stress and, combined with my poor eating habits, developed a bad case of diarrhea. I tried all the OTC drugs; nothing seemed to “dry it up” so to speak. I was nagged into going to see my PCP, who took blood and stool samples, tested them and arrived at the conclusion there was nothing “wrong” with me. Yet the diarrhea continued. At the suggestion of a very good friend, I visited Karen Johnson, a licensed acupuncturist. Within 3-4 visits, the gastro-intestinal problems disappeared. Her talents as an acupuncturist got rid of the non existant ( to the PCP) illness . Thank goodness, as the next step for the PCP was an enema!

Ann M Halvorson

Five years ago I was a slave to demon nicotine. I smoked about a pack, to a pack and a half per day. I had tried to quit several times but just couldn’t manage to do it. My children, who were in elementary school at the time kept begging me to give it up. So, while I was with Karen one session, I asked her if she had any luck helping people quit smoking through acupuncture. She said some people had been helped, so we gave it a try. I once again went out and got the patch and Karen got busy with her needles. It was a little daunting to begin, as many of the needles wind up in your face (a little scary, but Karen was very gentle). Quitting smoking is a long and hard process, but now, five years later, I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without acupuncture. The sessions I had kept me on an even keel physically and emotionally. This helped me to stick to it and not give in.

Thanks Karen!


An amazing experience unfolds on the treatment table. I know how much I appreciate the time with my patients, so I decided to ask a sampling of patients: "In one sentence, what do YOU like about acupuncture?" Here are their unedited answers.

It’s like going back to basics and listening to your body and doing what it wants you to do.


Probably the peace…the peaceful, easy feeling when I leave here…I’m in heaven.


I like the sense that feeling better can come from within.


I don’t know yet, but my big toe sure is invigorated!


It keeps me grounded.


This is kind of a cheesy answer, but I like you! And I like the energy I feel after I leave.


It gets me to relax.


You fixed my arm…the neurologist couldn’t do anything and you made the pain go away!


Saved my life…It gives me the balance I need to live the life I am called to…I haven’t been sick even though I’ve had one of the busiest years of my life. I’ve been much more balanced in terms of my energy level in spite of my wacky schedule!


The well-being it brings into my life…if that makes any sense!


It has consistently improved my quality of life and helps me to feel better.


It’s a rejuvenation of revival of your life inside. It makes you whole.


Peace…you work well in conjunction with the doctors…between you and them I haven’t been back in surgery.


I like the way it helped me, my body, recover from everything I’ve been doing to myself.