Acupuncture Fall Tune-up

Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
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October 9, 2017
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
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October 23, 2017
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson

A “tune-up” is what my patients and I call acupuncture treatments that are designed to keep our biological/energetic systems functioning smoothly. If you are a regular acupuncture patient, or thinking of getting started, a change of seasons, just like hitting certain mileage points in your car, can be good times to come on in.


Our bodies go through many cycles each day and each year. Just as the seasons change externally, we also change internally. Sometimes the changes are obvious and other times not so obvious. Entering the fall/winter part of nature’s cycle, you may notice yourself craving different foods, different activities, different amounts of sleep and certainly different clothes.

Some people notice the onset of allergies or the beginnings of mood changes known as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Why choose acupuncture?

The strength of acupuncture is that treatments restore the body’s ability to function normally. Here’s an analogy I like to share.

In nature, if a stream is running properly, it is contained within it’s banks, flowing well, while nourishing the land nearby, which provides good soil and conditions for plants to flourish, which then provide good conditions for animals to thrive and the whole system remains healthy and balanced. If a log falls into the stream for some reason, and blocks the flow of the water, conditions of imbalance will begin, with perhaps drought on one side of the log and flooding on the other. We can put in a lot of effort to manage the effects of the drought and the flooding, OR we can take the log out of the stream, allowing it to restore its own flow and bringing balance back to the environment naturally.

That’s what acupuncture does.

Wishing you all the best,