Acupuncturist Uses Fitbit Sleep Data to Help Patients

Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
The Interface of Health and Technology
January 11, 2016
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
Fitbit Data Feedback Reconciles our Thinking and our Doing
January 25, 2016
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson

One of the cool new additions to the field of health and wellness, in case you haven’t heard, is the Fitbit. So many people have taken to wearing these stylish little wristbands that they seem to be nearly ubiquitous.

The Fitbit is an activity tracker that monitors and gives feedback, in terms of data, on various important activities including exercise, food and sleep. The device can be customized for individual use, so the wearer can get feedback where wanted, and not be bothered with unnecessary information.

Fitbit Sleep Data

One very clever feature is the sleep monitor. The sleep monitor helps the wearer know what time she is going to bed, how much deep sleep she is getting and how often she wakes up at night. I often encourage my patients to check their sleep patterns, especially if we are working on concerns with insomnia, to evaluate our progress in treatment.

One friend I spoke with this week described how she habitually tosses and turns at night, waking herself up. Then one night her Fitbit reading showed she had slept well all night. She realized that due to an unusual circumstance in the house, she slept in a different location where she couldn’t move around as much and hence, slept better! This valuable insight provided a good tool for future consideration.

With objective feedback, we can see patterns, such as too many late nights, leading to fatigue during the day, too many disruptions during the night, that perhaps could be controlled better, or perhaps feel comforted to know we are sleeping better than we thought!

More to come!

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