Fitbit Data Feedback Reconciles our Thinking and our Doing

Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
Acupuncturist Uses Fitbit Sleep Data to Help Patients
January 18, 2016
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
Technology Helps us Reach Health-Related Goals
February 1, 2016
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson

Last week we started talking about the Fitbit and the value of getting some personal data on oneself.

What’s the biggest value in this? Data overrides our natural human tendency to imagine we are doing more, or less, than is actually true. While imagination leads to creativity and moves the world forward in a million ways, when it comes to our personal life, human nature and our innate imagination easily becomes personal interpretation. What we THINK we are doing, doesn’t always agree with what we are ACTUALLY doing, which sometimes creates a sort of mis-understanding of self. This interesting phenomenon can keep us from reaching goals we really would like to attain.

Value of a Fitbit

Hence the satisfaction I hear from so many people who enjoy the actual no-nonsense data feedback from a tool like fitbit.

Take for example, activity. In our modern world, it’s so easy to be busy, and inactive at the same time. The step tracker works wonders to inspire people to get up and move. Sedentary living leads to many health problems, and while we may think we move around, the step tracker provides eye-opening feedback which can serve as inspiration to help us find new ways to move, like taking the stairs, parking farther away, standing up for stretch-and-walk-in-place-breaks, or walking the dog for an extra block or two. A quick peek at that little wristband provides an unbiased, immediate report on our ongoing efforts.

How many steps did we actually take????

More to come!

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