Mindful Eating Begins with Self-Reflection and Isolating the Components of Eating

Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
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April 18, 2016
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson
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May 2, 2016
Monday Morning Acu-Minute by Karen Johnson

Bringing mindfulness into our relationship with food can prove to be revealing. It’s amazing what comes up when we honestly look at how and why we do things.

People who struggle with food may feel stuck in certain habits. They do the same things over and over, getting the same unwanted results and feeling out of control over their food or even over their bodies!

This difficulty, in some cases, stems from habituated reactions to unrecognized triggers around food, and includes thoughts, feelings and situational cues. In other words, we re-enact past patterns, feeling powerless to change. So, even if we change certain foods we eat, or number of calories consumed, there’s something else that’s needed.

The idea of mindfulness lets us approach eating from another angle. Mindfulness can increase awareness of subliminal patterns that may be influencing us more than we know. The insight gained from mindful practices may help us create new actions and get different results.


Over the next few weeks we will isolate, for the sake of self-reflection, different components of eating.

We will ask WHY? Why do we eat, meaning, why are we eating at any particular time?

WHEN? When do we feel like eating, or think about eating, or decide to actually eat.

WHAT? What do we eat? Of all the options available, what do we actually choose?

HOW? How do we get that food into our bodies?

HOW MUCH DO WE EAT? How do we know how much to eat, or do we decide how much to eat?

WHERE? Where do we physically put ourselves while we eat?

If you wish, start asking yourself these questions this week. Sometimes, simply posing the questions begins the process of awakening insight.

Stay tuned! More to come!

Wishing you all the best,